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Quick Ways to Clean Your Home before Company Comes

There are a number of reasons you could be resulting to last minute cleaning. Maybe your family decided to have Thanksgiving dinner at your place last minute. You could just be having some friends over, or maybe time just got away from you. Whatever the case may be, take some of these quick ways to clean into consideration from your Denver residential movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage.

The surface clean. If you need to get ready to have people over, do a quick service clean. Put any miscellaneous items away and run the vacuum throughout your home. You may not have time for dusting or scrubbing your floors but a solid surface clean will do the trick. Do what you can and focus on a little in every room, to create an overall clean appearance.

The clean illusion. The clean illusion is a quick way to clean your home that you should not make a habit. This entails simply gathering everything that is out of place around your house and putting it somewhere no one will see it. This will leave you with a closet filled with random and disorganized items that you will have to go through regardless. This tactic is one that Denver residential movers says can backfire. If you do not take the time after to actually clean, you will just accumulate a pile of junk. However, this quick fix provides temporary satisfaction.

Our last tip for some quick ways to clean is to stick to the rooms of focus. If you are having people over you are not that close with, chances are they are not going to be in your bedrooms unless you show them there. Do a deep clean of your kitchen, dining area, and living room. The main bathroom is a good point of focus as well. Denver residential movers’ think this is the best way to clean your house on the fly as you are actually starting a good deep clean!

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