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Rest Days for Denver Parks

If you are moving to Denver, it is important to know that you are moving to a city that always has something going on. Whether it’s a festival or reoccurring weekend event, the city is always bustling, which may actually be the exact reason why you decided to move to Denver.

Since Denver always has something going on, Denver movers were proud that city officials (along with park officials) decided to implement “Rest Days” starting in April of 2016. The Rest Days will allow seven of the busiest parks to take a break from special events like farmer’s markets, festivals, and races. Each park will receive two to four weekend days off every month. Denver movers think that this is a great way for locals to be able to enjoy the parks on the weekends more with their families, rather than potentially avoiding them after moving to Denver, since the city parks are constantly packed with events.

The following list illustrates the Denver parks and the amount of days off they will be receiving:

  1. Washington Park – three weekend days per month
  2. Civic Center Park – two weekend days per month
  3. City Park – three weekend days per month
  4. Confluence Park – two weekend days per month
  5. Cheesman Park – four weekend days per month
  6. Sloan’s Lake – three weekend days per month
  7. Stapleton’s Central Park – three weekend days per month

The exact days have not yet been announced, so be sure to keep an ear out after moving to Denver. Also, keep in mind that this is a pilot program that the city is trying in order to give new requests and entities a chance to have events in the park, rather than fulfilling the same requests each month. Denver movers learned that the pilot program will end in October 2016, so enjoy the Rest Days with your family before they end!

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