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3 Ways to Save on Packing Supplies

All My Sons Denver Moving Company has been in the full service moving industry for four generations. We know those who are moving worry about the expenses that can add up. That’s why we provide moving plans that suit your personal budget, as well as endless tips to increase efficiency and save money.

Want to know you can save on packing supplies? Check out these suggestions from your professional Denton movers.

Used Boxes

You should reach out to your local grocery, liquor, and furniture store for used boxes. These stores are receiving shipments with heavy contents all the time. The items also must be packed correctly especially at liquor stores because most liquor, wine and beer come in glass bottles, so liquor stores will usually have the best protective packing materials too.

Use Household Items

If you’re in need of bubble wrap, packing paper, and packing peanuts, you can easily purchase these items from All My Sons. However, if you’re trying to save a few dollars, try using clothing and linens to wrap fragile items. Aside from just wrapping fragile items, you can use clothing and linen as fillers to fill any empty space in boxes. You can do the same with pillows and stuffed animals!

Left Over Supplies

People move all the time. Ask your family and friends if they have any leftover supplies. Most people who move just want to get rid of any packing supplies, so they will definitely be willing to give you their supplies. You should also check out Craigslist under the “Free Section” and you’ll find people that are looking to just get rid of things that you could make great use out of. All you have to do is arrange a pickup time!

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