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Ski Company Moving to Denver

The month of November means the commencement of ski season for Denver residents. If you are moving to Denver this month or have recently relocated to the area – do you have a pair of skis yet? For those who have never skied before and are moving to Denver, you should get really excited about learning perhaps the city’s most popular and fun sport!

After you get settled into your new home, your new neighbors may invite you out for a day of skiing, so you should know where to get some skis in town. A lot of skis are made overseas; however, a local Colorado ski company makes their one-of-a-kind skis out of local Colorado wood, making them some of the most amazing skis in town.

Meier Skis was an idea that was born inside of local resident Ted Eynon’s business partner’s garage back in 2009, making the company a fresh face in the area.

Made out of Colorado aspen and pine beetle kill, Eynon explains that, “Everything is locally made. Everything is locally sourced. Locally source what we can materials-wise.” Enyon further noted that his business partner had skis from big-name brands that were falling apart, so they wanted to make a better option that also had the perks of supporting local business.

Denver movers suggest that if you are moving into the area and need some skis, to check out Meier Skis online for some awesome skis. They will also be opening a store in Denver soon!

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