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Summer Travelers in Denver Warned About Shocking Wait Times

Traveling to major cities has become difficult for most people in the past two months. Long lines at T.S.A. checkpoints are said to be the cause, and clips are being uploaded to YouTube that show shocking lines at the Atlanta Airport, Chicago International, and Dallas-Fort Worth. Summer travelers in Denver are calling their local Denver moving companies in order to get to their summer homes. Unfortunately, this is causing a bottleneck affect at airport terminals.

Most summer travelers in Denver plan trips in the warmer months because the city is known for its winter sports, which attracts a lot of tourists and winter sports enthusiasts. Some will use local Denver moving companies to settle in Denver forever, but there is a large majority that migrate to Denver just for the winter season. Officials are warning summer travelers in Denver to get to airports at least three hours early.

The slowdown at T.S.A. security checkpoints is linked to employee cuts the administration recently made. Denver officials are saying that the number of summer travelers in Denver will be record breaking this year. Combine those two facts and you have a recipe for disaster.

T.S.A. officials say they are aware of the issue and are attempting to solve the problem. Last week American Airlines paid $4 million to the T.S.A. to hire more employees.

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