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Take Care of Your Body After Hiking in Denver

There are many ways to stay active in Denver! Whether you are new to Denver or have lived here for a while, taking on a new hobby such as hiking can come with a little discomfort at first. All My Sons Moving & Storage has put together some tips on how to handle some of this discomfort to the best of your ability and to take care of your body after hiking in Denver.

1. Stretch! Stretching after your hike will help prevent muscle soreness. Stretch right after you finish your hike and then again before you go to sleep that night.

2. Roll Out. Foam rollers or lacrosse balls can be rolled over sore muscles for a few days following a day of hiking in Denver. This will work out some of the tension and lactic acid that can build up, which creates muscle soreness.

3. Rest and elevate. After strenuous activity, take care of your body with rest. Make sure to get a good night’s sleep so that you can recover after a hike. Accidents happen, if you think you may have twisted an ankle or hurt yourself, be sure to elevate the body part. Elevation and ice will reduce swelling.

4. Water. Drink a lot of water before, during, and after hiking to ensure that you stay hydrated. Your muscles will require extra water when doing strenuous activity.

5. Soak with salt. Soaking in a warm bath with Epsom salt will help ease any muscle pain after a day or afternoon of hiking in Denver. Added tip: this trick can help in any situation in which you are feeling some muscle discomfort.

After moving to Denver, it is likely that you will begin to get familiar with more physical and outdoor activities. Remember to follow these tips to take care of your body not only after physical activity, but before as well. Make sure that you stretch before you go hiking and after. Proper shoes are crucial when it comes to trekking Denver’s mountainous terrain, so make sure that you invest in a great pair of hiking boots in order to save yourself from a painful hiking experience.

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