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Testing Reduction Bill Approved in Colorado

This past Thursday, the Senate Education Committee approved Senate Bill 257; which adjourns on teacher evaluations having to be contingent on the academic success of their students. The approval meeting took about six hours and covered about five testing bill; which ended with the bill being passed with an 8 to 1 vote.

Overall, reducing the amount of testing done in the school system, has not proved an easy feat. Even though many agreed the amount of testing should be reduced in the Denver school system, there have been several barriers that have prevented moving forward and actually accomplishing any tangible results – until now.

While arguments over exactly how much to cut, have remained a recurring theme within the Senate Education Committee, Republican Owen Hill and Democrat Mike Merrifield have made major strides in creating a clear cut outline on how to most effectively reduce the amount of testing, without compromising the integrity of the education that Denver students receive.

According to Owen Hill, “we need more than anything to have tests that we trust and we see the value in and respect the results.”

The Senate Bill 257 proposes that students only be tested once in English and math throughout high school, get rid of social studies altogether, and offer not just online tests, but good ‘ole fashioned paper and pencil tests as well. While most of the bill focuses on reducing the testing load – there is still a section that suggests keeping ACT testing for 11th graders mandatory.

If you have recently moved to Denver and find that your child is struggling with the current testing load, Denver moving companies encourage you to follow the status of the Senate Bill 257.

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