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The Age of Preference

At some point during life as a human being, most of us tend to get bored with what we’re used to, which sparks the dawn of new things. Example: onions. I hated onions as a kid, and though I don’t remember why, at some point between then and now I turned coat on my passionate anti-onion campaign and now thoroughly enjoy them on almost everything. Variety is the spice of life, and spice is interesting; who wants a boring life? Recently I spiced up life as I was in the mood for a hot tasty beverage. Hot chocolate with marshmallows was what I had in mind, but to my disappointment I opened the cupboard and found no marshmallows with which to garnish my winter drink. Many people in my situation would have just settled and brewed the hot chocolate plain, but I daringly opted to stir the mix in with hot apple cider rather than water… and could not have been more pleased with the results.

I suppose as time goes on, one’s taste in just about everything changes if not matures. Everything from the clothes that I wear to the television programs I watch are a sign of the times (and of a soon-to-be grey haired old man!) Most people at some point have likely put themselves through a do-it-yourself move; possibly during college. However; at some point DIY moves become a thing of the past and your taste in moving services evolves from hands-on to hire-out. If you’re considering making the transition, take my advice and skip the common stepping stone; don’t hire a mover in Denver that isn’t reputable, licensed, and insured. Convenience is a huge part of what people look for in professional Denver moving companies, and there is nothing convenient about hiring a fly-by-night mover staffed with incompetent un-professional employees. As anybody with a mature taste in things already knows; Quality is key!

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