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The Hottest Areas in Denver to Call Home

So where is the hottest place to live in Denver? According to a recent survey by Coldwell Banker, it’s the Congress Park area of town, which is the most in demand and only has about a month’s supply of inventory available for interested buyers. Following behind Congress Park are the Highlands, Washington Park, and Park Hill. The spring home-selling season is fast approaching, and Coldwell Banker conducted the survey of the hottest selling neighborhoods in the metro area for 9NEWS to find what areas would be increasingly difficult for people looking to move to Denver.

So what to do with this knowledge? Buyers need to be prepared to act very fast if they’re shopping in these neighborhoods, and sellers who aren’t on the market yet and thinking about it need to stage their homes and get them ready for fast sale. For tips and tricks on how to make your home selling/buying process smoother, trust your friends at the Denver movers.

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