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The Humor Code Ranks Denver #8 Funniest City in America

The Humor Code traveled over 91,000 miles for their book and used the Humor Algorithm to rank Denver, Colorado number eight on their list of The 50 Funniest Cities in America.

In what The Humor Code calls “the most comprehensive analysis of humorous cities ever attempted,” a team of fellow jokesters went on a nine month long journey to find the 50 funniest cities in America.

Their evaluations were based off of the number of comedy clubs per square mile in each city, traveling comedians’ ratings of audiences, number of famous comedians born in each city divided by the population, number of famously funny tweeters, number of comedy radio stations, and frequency of humor-related web searches made within the city.

In “The Top Ten Cities’ Humor Profiles”, the profile on Denver explains that the city earned its number eight spot by having “laid-back comedy” and residents that can relax and not take things too seriously.

Interviewed residents say that they would have to be laid-back in order to be able to laugh at Blucifer: The Demon Horse of the Denver Airport that “welcomes” people to their city.

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