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The Unique Culture of Denver

When moving to a new city, state or country, you can typically expect a few cultural changes; but what should you expect when moving to Denver, Colorado? The local movers at All My Sons Denver have created a list of a few, unique cultural differences you might experience after moving.

-Hitchhiking is normal for some in Denver. Hitchhikers in Denver are a usual sight and they are also picked up rather quickly.

-Denver and Colorado in general, is one of the happiest states in the country. So, be sure to wear a smile when leaving the house to greet your new neighbors!

-Altitude sickness is a very real thing; this is not a drill! For those who just recently moved to Denver or are planning to move to Denver, be sure to plan a few laid-back days. Denver is not called the mile-high city for nothing! The altitude change can really take a toll on someone who is not used to the thin air, so be sure to take some time to adjust before doing anything too crazy within the city.

-If you have the need for speed, then you will fit right into your new hometown. Denver has a few high speed limits and the drivers are more than happy to exceed that limit. Pro tip: Be careful when driving around the city especially on those mountains roads.

-Finally, you can expect to see your neighbors and fellow residents of Denver getting in shape whether they are running in the neighborhood or heading to the mountains for some rock climbing and hikes. Colorado is the 5th most active state in the country and Denver follows suit.

Cultural differences can most certainly be a breath of fresh air. Denver residential movers are excited for you to experience the culture of Denver and what the residents have to offer.

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