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Tiny Homes Make Denver Rethink Building Codes

If you have not seen the popular television show Tiny House Nation: A Tour of Minimalist Living on FYI, then you have not witnessed the new trend that is sweeping the nation.

Denver movers have learned that ever since the housing market crash in the early 2000’s, homeowners have been searching for ways to be smarter about house hunting, smarter about the process of buying a home, smarter about the paperwork involved, and smarter about the area they buy in and make their homes investments. It also fueled more homeowners to downsize to something that they can always afford even if times got hard. The answer for some – tiny homes.

A tiny home can be built for as little as $20,000 depending on your style and must-haves in your tiny home. However, a lot of tiny home builders and buyers want their home to be able to be transported easily, like by trailing on the back of their trucks – making the size confined to certain dimensions. Although many of these homes are able to be trailed, they are not your typical trailer-style home. Tiny homes offer a sort of luxury and modern-style that make them so much more than the typical trailer-home. Another perk to moving to Denver and moving into a tiny home, or with your tiny home, is that you may not need the assistance of movers, eliminating major moving costs.

Since tiny homes are gaining popularity in Colorado, communities across the state are tweaking their building codes to allow tiny homes to be built. Tiny homes allow residents to spend less, take up less land, and live more eco-friendly – which Denver and the state of Colorado loves.

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