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3 Tips to Pack Your Office for a Local Move

3 Tips to Pack Your Office for a Local Move

All My Sons Moving & Storage in Denver is a full service moving company with many years of experience in the industry. Our Denver moving company has given you three tips to pack your office for a local move.

  1. Pack Office Décor

Office décor is the stuff that you can start packing early on in the moving process. Use this time to consider your new office space and decide what décor you can take or leave. Once you decide what is coming with you, it is important to pack these items correctly. You can pack any framed artwork with packing paper and bubble wrap. The packing paper will prevent any impressions on the glass and the bubble wrap will help protect the glass. Then, you should pack the artwork in a box designed for artwork or mirrors.


  1. Sort Through Filing Cabinets

When going through filing cabinets you should start by sorting these items into three categories: keep, shred, and recycle. Unnecessary and/or outdated paperwork can be recycled. However, if any of these documents contain confidential information, they should be shredded. Whatever remaining documents you have should be sorted and organized. It might be helpful to organize these documents in whatever system you plan to continue at your new office location. Files are best kept in a file box during a move. Make sure to use a box that is small enough to keep documents from moving around during the move.


  1. Hire Office Movers for Office Equipment

Hiring Denver movers will help ensure the safety of your employees and the office equipment. Computers, printers and copy machines are usually the most expensive and valuable items in your office. A Denver moving company will use the proper techniques to properly disconnect, pack and transport your office equipment safely.

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