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Visit These Unique Denver Bars This Fall

Funky, different and unique Denver bars that come with a story fill the downtown area. Say goodbye to dining and drinking at franchised restaurants. Do as the locals do and enjoy the amazing bar scene in town. This is a great way to get to know locals and get tips on other restaurants to frequent, or other activities to do. Local Denver movers suggest checking out the following unique bars in town that are sure not to disappoint.

1. Beatrice and Woodsley’s. This spot comes with an awesome ambiance. From the bar top to the bathrooms, you will continuously see different little details. Telling a love story through its décor, Beatrice and Woodsley’s portrays the story of an aristocrat that has a forbidden love affair with a lumberjack! The décor is chic and rustic. Dainty pearled accents mixed with chainsaws and wood furniture create the most unique vibe!

2. The Cruise Room. Local Denver movers say that this is a great place to soak up a little bit of the history of Denver. This spot was the first Denver bar to open the day after prohibition ended in 1933!

3. Lawry Beer Garden. Another unique Denver bar is Lawry Beer Garden. This bar is on 4500 square feet of outdoor area. Enjoy lawn games and table games while mingling with good company. Craft beers on tap are mostly local too!

4. Wynkoop Brewery. This brewery portrays what Denver locals represent. With the motto “Blood, sweat, & Barley” the Wynkoop Brewery will not disappoint with its craft beer selection. Right by Coors Field, this spot is a great place to watch a game or play your own. This unique Denver bar doubles as a billiard club and game room.

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