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Preparing for Your Denver Relocation

When the moving company arrives at your home there are few things you must do. Let’s go over them:

  • Review your move plan with your Denver moving foreman
  • Review the inventory list as items are being unloaded into your home
  • Make sure items are being placed in the proper location
  • Only unpack items that you will need for the first two days. Primarily your focus should be on creating a wholesome family environment. Unpack the remaining items over the next two weeks
  • As you unpack, make sure there are no damages. If your Denver moving company is unpacking, make sure you supervise the process
  • Manage your boxes and supplies by either storing them in a specified area or prepare them to be recycled
  • Be prepared to handle payment
  • Contact your moving company to report the level of quality, service and value provided
  • Check on your mail delivery
  • Register your children for school
  • Check with your utility company on delivery of trash receptacles, water restrictions and more.
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