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What Is Gentrification and How Is It Affecting Neighborhoods in Denver?

What is gentrification?

Gentrification is a process of renewal where an old neighborhood may undergo restoration and improvement to transform it into a “stylish” modern area. Think of when you visit neighborhoods that used to be “run down,” but are now filled with trendy coffee shops and boutique clothing stores. Gentrification can be spontaneous or planned over time.

You might think that gentrification would be welcomed by everyone as a means to revitalize neighborhoods in Denver, but there are those who are vehemently against it. The problem with gentrification is that it results in a lot displacement. Denver movers will be seen taking people from the old neighborhoods out and moving in new families very shortly after.

The displacement is involuntary in a sense; most people from the old neighborhoods in Denver have to leave because they can no longer afford the lifestyle that comes with gentrification. Neighborhoods in Denver that were once affordable are now four or five times the price they were. Denver movers are zipping around town to keep up with changing neighborhoods.

Government renewal and redevelopment programs are a form of controlled gentrification. Meant to renew neighborhoods in Denver while creating a control for prices, the current mass scale gentrification in Denver is something more external. Some say the reasons may be because of more job openings and the current millennial appeal.

The Denver movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage have been a part of the Denver landscape for years and we hope to see the locals and newcomers all thrive!

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