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Where to Shop Online After a Move

Sometimes we all need to just pick up and start over. For some people, that means throwing away all of their old possessions and purchasing brand new things. Well, for the person turning over a new leaf or the college student who is just settling in, this list offers everyone options of where to shop online after a move. Here’s what the All My Sons Denver movers suggest trying:


  • Craigslist


Easily one of the most widely used online domains, Craigslist connects buyers with sellers to acquire/unload items easily. Searching craigslist ads is a great way to buy new or used furniture, accessories or anything else someone needs. There’s even a free section where you can find treasures that owners simply want to get rid of. If you find a great item but don’t have a truck or van, just let your local Denver moving company take care of it.


  • Ebay


One of the original sources of finding deals on merchandise, Ebay gives customers the opportunity to bid on items that other users want to sell. Unlike craigslist however, Ebay offers certain guarantees and protections against damaged items or issues with receiving payment.


  • Amazon


Like Ebay, Amazon offers safe guards for customers making purchases and/or selling goods. Amazon differs from Ebay by making users sell goods for a fix price at all times as opposed to auctioning things with a fixed priced being optional. Amazon is one of the most well-known brands in the world and continues to grow due to their Amazon Prime feature which allows for quick delivery and certain other privileges.


  • Offerup/Letgo


Both Offerup and Letgo are similar apps in the sense that they let buyers and sellers connect with each other locally, while promoting speedy transactions. As direct competitors to Craigslist, both these apps remove the hassle of lengthy email and text conversations that may take days or perhaps weeks. These apps are relatively unknown sources that our Denver movers think are super useful resources!

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