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Moving to Denver this August? Then there are tons of activities waiting for you to discover. Simply check out this list and figure out which one you want to head to first. Arise Music Festival. Are outdoor activities such as yoga, camping, and dancing up your alley? Then make sure to clear your schedule on […]

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One of the best parts about living in Denver is getting to be able to take advantage of the healthy lifestyle that most of the locals have adopted. Whether it is exploring the 100 miles of trails and parks that cover more than 20,000 acres of space, or simply going for a run in your […]

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Just because you have been dealing with moving to Denver does not mean that you have to spend the rest of the summer indoors. Instead, get outside and explore all that your new hometown has to offer; after all, you’ve earned a beer (or two). Simply use this guide to the best rooftop bars in […]

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When you think about moving to Denver, chances are you are thinking about which picture you will Instagram first. After all, with such scenic views, who could blame you? However, little did you know that there are tons of apps for living in Denver out there that you had never even heard of. Before you […]

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