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There comes a time when homes become cluttered, junk stacks on top of junk and you just want to make room to breathe. It’s times like this when you just need to say, “OK! I’m having a garage sale!” Once you’ve resolved yourself to getting rid of excess belongings, you’re ready to take on the […]

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Moving from one place to another is a task that can take its toll on an individual both physically and mentally. The entire process is always long and drawn out, regardless of how many items you’re bringing to the new location. When moving from one city to another, the transition becomes even more of a […]

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Sometimes we all need to just pick up and start over. For some people, that means throwing away all of their old possessions and purchasing brand new things. Well, for the person turning over a new leaf or the college student who is just settling in, this list offers everyone options of where to shop […]

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Every move comes with its own set of items to add to the to do list. Some people have to make arrangements for pets to be transported, while others have to make lodging accommodations while they wait to be able to move into their new home. One problem we see arise with our clients from […]

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