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According to recent news in the Denver Business Journal, a new apartment complex is coming to Denver in the Central Platte Valley area. The proposed complex is still finalizing details, but a rendering shows that the complex will be 34 stories, have 288 apartment units, and will be close to Cherry Creek and South Platte […]

On the heels of a real estate boom in Denver, one thing is certain: new inventory needs to be available to keep the momentum going. Considering demand in Denver is remarkably high (as one of two cities with prices exceeding pre-recession numbers), new inventory is needed to meet the demands of prospective buyers who are […]

The residential real estate market just keeps getting stronger, according to reports from Case-Shiller that share the home prices in the Denver metro are not only rising–they have hit an all time high! The Denver local movers have learned that the home prices in May hit an all time level, finally bouncing back (and then […]

In metro Denver, apartments are a hot commodity. So hot, in fact, that the vacancy rate for apartments in the area has dropped to its lowest point in thirteen years, prompting discussion about new construction for multi-family residences. The Parker movers have learned that rental rates are rising, with current figures ($1,022 on average) about […]

As the demand for buying a home in Denver continues to rise, the prices are also jumping in direct correlation. Online real estate data source Zillow has released some data pertaining to the region and its massive growth in comparison to the rest of the United States. The Cherry Creek movers have found that the […]

Buying a home is a huge step in your life, and it is important to be well versed on the happenings in the local real estate market to ensure that you get the best deal on the Denver home of your dreams. Currently, the market is changing. Lenders are relaxing their previously tight grip on […]

One big contributor to the booming real estate market in the Denver area is apparently the ever-popular oil and gas industry. According to reports, Colorado is a popular destination for this industry, with the energy outlook naming Denver among a handful of U.S. cities where a large amount of new energy jobs will be located […]

Colorado is seeing a boom in terms of commercial real estate demand, according to the Denver Post, which published a report recently stating that the leasable space and investment properties are well outpacing the supply currently available. Demand for office space is poised to rise as well, thanks to the continually increasing white collar positions, […]

In the increasingly competitive real estate market of Denver, some potential buyers are finding frustration rather than a contract. With rising demand, dropping inventory, and an all around urge to buy in Denver, the result is bidding wars on properties and also properties selling in a matter of days before interested buyers can even view […]

According to recent statistical data gathered on the Denver metro, now is the time to buy your forever home in the area. As of late June 2013, there were about 11,000 homes and condos for sale in the Denver area — an amount that is reflective of a 28 percent decrease in the local available […]