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Retirees – look no further than Denver when looking for the best city in the United States to move to after retirement! According to a study commissioned by the Bankers Life Center for a Secure Retirement, titled “America’s Best Cities for a Healthy (and More Affordable) Retirement,” Denver holds the number three position for being […]

So where is the hottest place to live in Denver? According to a recent survey by Coldwell Banker, it’s the Congress Park area of town, which is the most in demand and only has about a month’s supply of inventory available for interested buyers. Following behind Congress Park are the Highlands, Washington Park, and Park […]

  According to recent data shared in the Denver Post, the average rent in the area for apartments rose $63 in 2013 over 2012, bringing current rental rates to about $1,041. Apartment vacancy rates have increased as thousands of new apartments have been hitting the market following construction booms for residential multi-family housing options. The […]

Home sale prices reached a new all-time high in the Denver area in September, marking the fifth consecutive month that prices have grown to an all time high. The data compiled by the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Prices Index shows that home resale prices in Denver were up 9.9 percent from September 2012 to September 2013. The […]

The legalization of marijuana in Denver has had a positive impact on the local economy, according to reports by CNN which tout that the process has resulted in a massive absorption of commercial space. Despite conflicting opinions on the law, one thing remained clear–the implementation needed to be done in the right way. On an […]

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Many people are looking for housing markets that are affordable as they shop for a new home, and as the current market data shows, Denver is not the place where you will likely find a home that fits a budget. In fact, a recent list by listed the top ten affordable markets—Denver was not […]

On the heels of a real estate boom in Denver, one thing is certain: new inventory needs to be available to keep the momentum going. Considering demand in Denver is remarkably high (as one of two cities with prices exceeding pre-recession numbers), new inventory is needed to meet the demands of prospective buyers who are […]

The residential real estate market just keeps getting stronger, according to reports from Case-Shiller that share the home prices in the Denver metro are not only rising–they have hit an all time high! The Denver local movers have learned that the home prices in May hit an all time level, finally bouncing back (and then […]

As the demand for buying a home in Denver continues to rise, the prices are also jumping in direct correlation. Online real estate data source Zillow has released some data pertaining to the region and its massive growth in comparison to the rest of the United States. The Cherry Creek movers have found that the […]

One big contributor to the booming real estate market in the Denver area is apparently the ever-popular oil and gas industry. According to reports, Colorado is a popular destination for this industry, with the energy outlook naming Denver among a handful of U.S. cities where a large amount of new energy jobs will be located […]